When choosing an area rug it is essential to determine the right size of rug for the room.

 If you’re not the biggest fan of your floor, an area rug is perfect to conceal them! Don’t think a traditional 9×12 rug is your only option.

In order to use the rug to archer the space, get a custom size that will cover the majority of the floor. Allowing an 18″ reveal around the room will leave the perfect amount of floor space exposed. This will also give you greater flexibility when it comes to furniture layout and more space to create areas.

 What you can also do is get a size that creates a more intimate space by allowing a 4” space around your main sitting area.

 Don’t ever feel forced when decorating your space. There are always more options waiting to be tapped.

Below is a picture of a living room in Closter, NJ that we have designed. We choose a smaller area rug to created an intimate space for entertaining and conversation.

Michael Mariotti Interior Design Area Rug
Michael Mariotti Interior Design Area Rug